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          WHO IS THIS "LINDIMOO"?  LindiMoo is an acoustic musician and entertainer based in the Seattle area.  She performs for a wide variety of audiences including music and shows for children, yuppies, seniors, country clubs, wineries, weddings and online live streaming webcasts.  LindiMoo is highly recommended and currently works with over 60 different Senior Communities in 5 states providing them with a memorable hour of music, stories and sing-a-longs.  She specializes in shows for the elderly, seniors, memory care, dementia patients, and assisted living.  She also produces personalized songs for children upon request. 

          WHAT DOES LINDIMOO DOOOOO?  If you need a quality performer, LindiMoo is yer gal. Get ready for an entertaining hour of hits from the 60's and 70's, folk music, country music, oldies, moldies and some current and original music, too.  Feel free to sing along if ya like. And be prepared for silly bovine, cow, cattle and "moo" references that keep the show fun and entertaining.  Some folks say LindiMoo's performances have a Joan Baez feel to them...with a little bit of Janis Joplin on the side.  If you'd like to book LindiMoo for your next event, fill out her Event Booking Form and LindiMoo will contact you personally with a quote.

          CAN I HEAR LINDIMOO ON THE INTERNET?  Why yes, you can!  Now with the invention of  "live stream" and webcasts LindiMoo performs 3-5 times a week online at to fans from all around the world.  Listen in-world or if you don't have a Second Life account you can listen live with iTunes or your favorite player.

          DOES LINDIMOO PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS?  Yup...especially her sister.   LindiMoo has teamed up with her sister Diana Ruiz for an amazing new entertainment package.  With Sister Act you get 2 to 4 hours of non-stop fun with a combination of acoustic music, humorous banter, live performances by Diana, and the best DJ dance music to keep the party hoppin'.  Get more info with this Sister-Act link.

          WHAT WILL I BE ABLE TO FIND ON THIS WEBSITE?  Be on the lookout for lots of music, videos, photos, schedule of events, upcoming shows, mooooving recommendations and random and udderly ridiculous cow, cattle, moo, and bovine references.  Oh, and one of the most popular pages on is the X-factor Blog about her experience in trying out for the X-Factor show in Seattle.  Her X-Factor Blog is currently receiving nearly 2,000 hits per month.

          WHERE IS LINDIMOO CURRENTLY PLAYING?  Use this Show Calendar to find out when and where LindiMoo is playing through December 2014.  Use this Live Stream Calendar for her upcoming internet performances.

          HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT LINDIMOO'S UPCOMING TOURS AND PUBLIC PERFORMANCES?   The Mailing List if you want to be updated on the latest LindiMoo events and offers.

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LindiMoo Survives Nevada - Moapa Flash Flood on I-15


 After shrieking in terror, LindiMoo gained enough composure to grab her camera.  She figured her loved ones should know where and how she perished.  The water Gods, however, were smiling on her that day and did not sweep her and her traveling companions down the swiftly moving, freshly formed Interstate river.

One of LindiMoo's YouTube videos of this flood was used on CNN and in many other news reports of this devastating event.  (The shrieking part was thankfully edited out).


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